The Velocity Cover – Dentrix Cart edition

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The Velocity Cover – Dentrix Cart edition

As PDR technicians, we pay a lot of money for our tools & a cart. Often they’re quick to get dishevelled from the elements such as rain or body shop dust.

For the first time, you can protect your equipment with the Velocity Cover.

If you own a TDN cart, small or large, or a Dentrix cart, we have designed a cover from the highest quality canvas to easily slide over your setup should you get caught short by the weather.
In addition, the metal eyelets laced with a bungee cord around the bottom of the canvas stop the wind blowing the cover up.

A must for hail techs that are working in dusty body shops. At the end of your day just throw the cover over your cart not only to protect your setup but it stops those who like to help themselves to your tools.
As an added bonus, if your off site for a few days or more, a bicycle lock will fit through the eyelets enabling you to lock the cover on your cart so it will not come off until your back to work.

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