Betag Hotbox

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The new T-Hotbox is for all Paintless Dent Removal including hail damage.

T-Hotbox is a very compact 230 volt induction system specially designed for PDR by heating metal panels of vehicles without damaging adjacent components while removing small dents.

It’s not necessary to remove the paint for working with the heat pen (T-Hotbox)

The induction time (sec) and the power produced in (percentage) can be set to prevent damage to the paintwork, this is also important for shrinking the metal and the size and shape of the dent.

The time can be set manually to: 0,5 sec – 1 sec – 1,5 sec – 2 sec – 3sec – 4 sec.

Also the power can be set to: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%

Configuring the box is important during the PDR process while heating many different types of dents.

The 220 Volt power unit will be delivered in a portable box with an induction cable and a V-heat pen which makes mobile working very easy.


  • 1x Power unit with 230 volts plug (5 meter)
  • 1x Output Cable (3 meter)
  • 1x Travel Box
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What's Included

1x Power unit with 220 volts plug (5 meter)
, 1x Output Cable (3 meter)
, 1x Travel Box


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